[Loch-ruadh] Need assistance please (kinda long)

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I can relate. Connall and I would take Peanut ourselves if it wasnt for the
6 cats, 1 dog, 1 pig, 3 assorted lizzards, a snake and a turtle and 3
kids...  and thats just whats INSIDE...  outside we have 5 more cats and 3
ducks one of whom is sitting on a brood of eggs.

Hopefully someone will have room for Peanut, he is a cute dog. He isnt a
pure breed weenie-dog I dont think; he looks kinda like a bassett hound had
a run in with a weenie dog. <Grin>


> I wish I could help!! but 2 dogs, 2 cats, 1 bird ,2 fish ,2 kids I have no
> room.
> I will  give $20 dollars in dog food to anyone who takes Peanut.
> Good luck ,Peanut is in my prayers.
> Ameline
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> Well folks, here I am again asking for some assistance in caring for one
> my patients.  My current plea is this: I have an older gentleman that we
> are caring for who due to the recent death of his caregiver can no longer
> remain in his home and must go to a long term care center for 24hour
> nursing care. He knows he needs to go and agrees that he does; however he
> won't go unless he knows that Peanut is cared for. Who's Peanut? Peanut is
> a weenie-dog with a penchant for soap opera's and squirrels. Peanut has
> been this gentleman's constant companion for several years and he wont go
> to the LTC center unless he knows Peanut has a good home. He (my patient)
> feels that if Peanut went to a shelter that Peanut wouldn't get adopted
> and therefor be euthanized. My patient states that he cannot do this to
> faithful friend just because he (my patient) is getting old; he would
> rather stay home at risk to his own health.
> My Plea: Can anyone give Peanut a good home? I know he gets along with
> other animals as Peanut used to have another dog and cat as friends but
> they have since found new homes. I cannot attest to Peanuts behavior
> small children though as to my knowledge he has not been around small
> children. Peanut gets along well with adults as I have many staff members
> that are over there daily caring for Peanuts human companion and their
> coming and going do not bother him; once he meets you you're his friend.
> Though they do have to stop and take time to pet him or he gets rather put
> out <grin>. Peanut is housebroken and uses a doggie-door to go in/out.
> Peanut loves watching TV and when the mood strikes him chasing the
> occasional squirrel.
> My priority is finding Peanut a good home so that his human companion can
> get the skilled medical care he needs, a bonus would be a human companion
> who would bring him now and then to see his human companion. (I know that
> would ease the mind of my patient knowing that he could see Peanut every
> now and then).
> Please let me know if you can help.
> Thanks folks
> MagD'Leigha
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