[Loch-ruadh] Today in History Dec. 13

Wed Dec 12 22:08:48 PST 2001

St. Lucy's Day.
639 'Amr ibn al-'As captures the Egyptian town of Al-'Arish, and continues
on to conquer Egypt for Islam. He did not order the destruction of the
Alexandrine Library.
751 Death of St. Edburga of Minster.
884 Carloman (France) dies, is succeeded by Charles the Fat who thus
reunites the empire of Charlemagne.
1154 Death of St. Vicelin.
1189 Richard I "the Lion Hearted," leaves England on 3rd Crusade.
1198 Abu'l-Walid ibn-Rushd of Cordoba, philosopher, dies.
1254 Election of Pope Alexander IV.
1293 Murder of Khalil, Sultan of Egypt, by Baidara, his sucessor, who was
also murdered.
1531 The Bishop of Mexico is convinced of Juan Diego's vision of Our Lady of
Guadalupe by Juan bringing the Bishop roses, in December, that She had given
him. She is commemorated on this day.
1574 Death of Selim II, "the Drunkard," Sultan of Turkey.
1586 Death of Stephen Bathory ( Poland).

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