[Loch-ruadh] A "Peanut" update

pookie2@airmail.net pookie2 at airmail.net
Thu Dec 13 14:23:08 PST 2001

Well, thought I would drop a quick note to let folks know how things are
with my patients doggy situation.

This morning, Thursday Dec 13th, my patient went into the long term care
center. His condition had deterioriated so much over the last few days that
it was felt he could not postpone going for fear of putting his health in
serious jeopardy. Peanut will come home with me today. Connall, kids and I
can give Peanut a temporary home but with all our other critters if someone
else can give him a home it would be appreciated. (Though I will say that
my patient made me promise that Peanut would come visit him now and then so
please keep that in mind as well. I would be more than willing to help
assist in getting Peanut to/from visting his first human companion.)

I did get some more background on Peanut if this helps anyone. Peanut is 9
years old, he is a "weenie-dog" mix; his mom was a "fawn" weenie-dog and
daddy was a fence jumper. Peanut has the fawn coloring and looks like a
overly stuffed weenie-dog. He is very friendly (the other residents at the
long term care center have already fallen in love with him and he has been
basking in the attention all day and loves to watch TV.) I spoke with my
patient and he says Peanut rarely barks (will to be let outside if the
doggie door was blocked, barks if someone knocks on the door), he has
been "free fed" dry food but has gotten table scraps so there may be some
teaching an old dog new tricks of not begging for table food. According to
Peanut's original human companion Peanut gets along well with children who
are past toddler stage. (says Peanut will growl if ears/tail pulled, layed
on... things toddlers tend to do while learning to be nice to doggies, but
has not snapped or bitten).

Anyway, I'm bringing him home tonight. Connall and I will be at Yule Revel
and I will bring a picture of him if anyone wants to see what he looks

(who, with her husband, tends to take in strays. No wonder we're always
broke! The critter eat better than we do! :)  )

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