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Peanut has been excellent with our kids though they are older (ages 10, 10.5
and 12). After being with Peanut on a regular basis now for 2 days I think
he would do fine with your kids especially since they have been around
another dog and know there are some things you dont do (like pulling tails
and ears). Peanut is about 20 pounds on a best guess, he is VERY overweight
for a weenie dog and needs to be on a diet. Also to address one of the
potential problems I thought might arise was Peanut having been fed table
food frequently (part of why he is so overweight) that he would be begging
for table food,  has not been a problem so far with us. He does love belly
scratches and is very happy just being lap dog.  His "down fall" is he is a
very affectionate pooch and just loves to slather everyone with puppy kisses
(which the kids dont mind, though I did this morning at 7am when he wanted
to go outside and woke me up with slobbery puppy kisses). He is housebroken.
If you are going to be at DFT's yule revel I will have a picture of him so
you can see what he looks like.

 Peanut's first human companion is in the long term care center in Cleburne
and is very east to get to. I had told him Peanut would  come see him about
2x a month. Oh, and Peanut gets along with everyone but he is very fond of
men because his first human companion was male; so expect the men in the
family to get the lions share of affection. :)


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> Hi, Is Peanut good with children (4, 5.5)?  I'm interested but I have to
> some info first.  Would he get along with a 2 year old Golden Retreiver?
> much do you think he weighs?  (Silly rules by the landlord) Let me know, I
> intersted.  Also, I have no problems with visits to his Real Master.  I'd
> even willing to do it once a week or every other week if they'd let me.
> Anon,
> Druid of Atai
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