[Loch-ruadh] more on Peanut

PBW pookie2 at airmail.net
Mon Dec 17 20:07:49 PST 2001

Well folks, I know I am sounding like a broken record but I have had a few
tenative inquiries about Peanut but (sigh)  the poor doggie is still here
with us.  He *is* a sweet pooch and as much as Connall and kids and I would
love to give him a permanante home we just flat out are over crittered right
now and even one small dog makes a diffrence. We wont give him to a shelter,
I promised my patient I wouldnt, and if no one else can give him a home we
will keep him. But gosh folks... surely someone has room for a small
poochie? (giving sad puppy dog eye looks to everyone) I know the "condition
of Penut companionship" of getting him to see his original human is a big
request, and since it is I am more than willing to make arrangements with
whoever can give Peanut a home to transport him so you dont have to (I can
just take him to work with me, kinda nice that the long term care center
just  happens to be next door to my work! And since they are owned by the
same folks who own my company having Peanut in the office for part of the
day isnt a problem!).

For those who for whatever reason may have missed who/what he is here it is
in a nut shell. Peanut, half weenie-dog and part fence jumper (but looks
like a weenie-dog with long legs). Weight is about 20pounds. Coloring is
black and tan. Very affectionate and is housebroken. Age aprox 9 years. Had
only one human companion until now and would like to visit his first
companion about 1-2x a month. So far we have had him 4 days and I have heard
him bark maybe 3 times so he is a very quiet dog.

If someone can help Peanut I promise I wont ask for help with one of my
patients until at least next year! <grin>

Who really loves Peanut but needs to let someone else enjoy his affection

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