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I recently saw a show on the History Channel about the development of the
motte & bailey.  It started as a sort of corral, due to the great number of
horses used by Normans, and discussed how these structures, while originally
wooden, became fortified, turning into the "typical" stone castle, with a
drawbridge, turrets, even portcullises (portculli?).

They stated that stone castles were pretty much non-existent until the
Normans started building; even so, the Normans didn't really begin to use
stone until about 50 years after William landed, ca 1116 a.d.

Maybe I need to read up on this some more, but they did show a couple of
archaeological digs.


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> Hey, don't even broach that topic with me.
> On another note, you have to admit that the Normans did improve
> in England.  A few of those lovely stone castles (motte and bailey
> are still in existence.
> Madelina
Mott and Bailey Castles were not really the stone castles. The stone castles
are better known as keeps.

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