[Loch-ruadh] Fw: Master Huen's website

Wed Dec 19 11:33:31 PST 2001

Forwarded from the Rialto

> Forwarded from Master Huen (via SCA Laurels list)
> -------------------------------
> Hello - I need to let all of you know what has happened to my site.
> A few days ago my domain name, godecookery.com, was essentially
> hacked and stolen by someone who then sold the name to a commercial
> site located in Atlanta. Anyone who now attempts to access any
> godecookery.com site is being sent to Expressview Credit card or some
> other commercial site.
> The person who stole the name and the person who bought it were both
> aware of the amount of hits godecookery.com generates and are now
> using those hits for their own personal profit. They have offered to
> sell me back the rights to my own property for only $200.
> Fortunately, both people have been identified, and my host providor
> is doing what it can to resolve the matter. We're even considering
> legal action, as this violates the policies of Bulkregister, who
> handled the domain registration.
> In the meantime, I have had no email since last Tues and have had to
> change my main address to jlmatterer at yahoo.com
> All Gode Cookery websites are available by changing the .com in the
> address to .net - please spread the word that this is possible!
> The PDF site is available at
> http://www.godecookery.net/maillist/pdffiles.htm
> and I'm ready to stream files to anyone who'll write me at the new
> address.
> Wish me luck!
> Jim

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