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Galen wrote:

Master Robin forwarded this to me.  The Daily Probe is a spoof news

- Galen

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> Subject: The Daily Probe, on John Walker
> http://www.dailyprobe.com/
> American Taliban Fighter Walker: "I Thought This Was the SCA"
> KABUL, AFGHANISTAN (DPI) - John Walker, the American discovered fighting
> with Taliban forces last week, is now claiming that he thought he had
> joined the Society for Creative Anachronism, whose members perform
> re-creations of historical events. "Honestly, I thought we were just
> doing a Middle Eastern medieval re-creation or something," Walker said.
> "I was talking with Sunshine Garcia about an upcoming Renaissance Fair
> up in Monterey and she was telling me about this totally backward group
> of people she came across in Mill Valley that was so completely into
> 'archaic lifestyles,' so I thought I would check it out." John Ashcroft
> was unconvinced, responding, "Tell it to the chair, Dead Man Walking."

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