[Loch-ruadh] Today in History Dec. 23

Sat Dec 22 21:34:12 PST 2001

Larentalia in ancient Rome, honoring Acca Larentia; End of Saturnalia
619 Election of Pope Boniface V.
679 Murder of St. Dagobert II, King of the Franks.
800 Pope Leo III purges himself of charges of moral turpitude, before
1096 Godfrey and Baldwin's armies of the 1st Crusade arrive in
1142 Coronation of Baldwin III as King of Jerusalem (aged 13); His mother,
Melisende, was also crowned.
1193 Death of St. Thorlac.
1299 HIMS (An alliance of Mongols, Armenians, Templars, Hospitallers,
Cypriots and Georgians under Ghazan, Ilkhan of Persia, defeat the Sultan of
Cairo and the Mameluke army).
1466 Excommunication of George Podiebrad, King of Bohemia.
1482 Burgundy and Picardy absorbed into France.
1569 Martyrdom of St. Philip of Moscow, Primate of the Russian Church killed
by Czar Ivan "the Terrible".
1588 Murder of the Duc de Guise and Cardinal de Tournon
http://www.lepg.org/people.htm (unable to find any info on the Cardinal of
this time frame)

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