[Loch-ruadh] Camping at Gulf Wars XI - IMPORTANT

Padraig O'Maolagain padraig_ruad at irishbard.com
Sun Dec 30 12:45:26 PST 2001

To everyone planning or thinking of attending Gulf Wars XI:

At Gulf War X, we were invited to camp in the area owned by members of the Barony of Axemoor through the support of our own Daniel of Axemoor.  (As you may guess by his name, Daniel’s original home group is the Barony of Axemoor. He is one of those who paid for a portion of the land so that they could camp there perpetually.)  Those who were able to attend Gulf War X know that the land we camped on was the best spot we have ever had, and for once we knew exactly where we were going to be, without having to move two or three times.

Daniel has spoken with with our friends in Axemoor, and they would be pleased to have us camp with them again, and in fact have offered us more than twice the space we had last year.  However, in order to hold the land for us, there are a couple of conditions:

1) There will be a rental fee of $300 for the space, which they will need by mid-January.  If ten people go, this would work out to $30 per person; 15 people would make it $20 per person, 20 makes it $15 per person, 25 makes it $12 per person.  We can easily fit 30 people in the space offered, which would make the cost just $10 per person.   (NOTE: the money will cover not only the rental, but will entitle each person to a couple of supper meals with Axemoor – and they fed us very well last year. It also covers the use of the hot shower located in the Axemoor campsite, the in-camp water source, and even electricity.)

2) Those camping will provide and prepare one supper meal for approximately 75 people. Something along the lines of a hearty soup, salad, bread and a simple dessert isn’t too difficult, and again, when spread out among 10 to 30 people, is relatively inexpensive.  And, hey, you gotta eat anyway, right?  Axemoor will provide kitchen facilities for preparing the meal.

We are presently working on a deal that will let us do this on a recurring basis, and in the future we will work on fund-raisers throughout the year so that we can pay the fee that way, without asking everyone attending the War to come up with an extra amount of money.  (NOTE: The on-going deal for the land and the fund-raisers will be done as individuals, not as the Canton of Loch Ruadh, as we cannot use Canton funds to pay for this sort of thing. It’s a legal issue, and one we must ensure that we follow correctly.)

We will need a list of all those intending to go to Gulf War XI, and money will be collected beginning at the Populace Meeting on 2 January.  We will also need someone to volunteer to be the Loch Ruadh camp coordinator, who will act as the liaison with the good folk of Axemoor.

I will be happy to answer any questions about this by email  prior to Populace Meeting on Wednesday, where we can discuss it in detail.

In Service,
Herald to Loch Ruadh

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