[Loch-ruadh] Letter of Intent, Barony of Elfsea

Mark Arnold maarnold at gte.net
Sun Dec 23 14:48:50 PST 2001

Unto Their Excellencies, Galen of Bristol and Allessandra Beatrice

   Though we shall sorely want for your fair-handed guidance, we pray
that when you are free of the heavy mantle of responsbility, we shall
enjoy more of your beautiful artistry, inspirational bardic, and prowess
on the field. Elfsea need not fear this time of transition, for there
exists no lack of nobly born and able gentles to fill this void. It is
not for such want, but for love that we, Lord Louis le Blaireau (Mark A.
Arnold) and Honorable Lady Afan ferch Elystan (Gwen R. Rhine), present
ourselves for consideration for the positions of Baron and Baroness of
Elfsea. Our love for Ansteorra inspires us to seek this trust and
service that we may husband Elfsea to bear its best fruits for the
kingdom. Our love for the people of Elfsea calls us to their service
that we may inspire each gentle to achieve their best for themselves and
for their barony.
   Together, we were part of the core that rekindled the Canton of
Glaslyn four years ago. This expericence has taught us group dynamics,
kingdom procedure, patience, tenacity, and how to inspire others. Today,
Glaslyn counts over 20 active participants. Separately, our skills and
experience balance well.
   Lord Louis le Blaireau, squire to Sir Alaric Drake, has been active
in the SCA for 4 1/2 years. He has been awarded the Sable Comet
(Glaslyn) and the Sable Falcon. He has pledged to Elfsea's Arthurian
Company every year since its inception and has been named Sergeant
therein. Louis was Knight Marshal of Glaslyn for three years on an
extended warrant. Mundanely, Mark Arnold is a software architect and
engineer. He has experience in personnel management, project planning,
and task scheduling as a software development manager for Sterling
Commerce, before becoming an independant consultant. Mark is financially
stable and had already planned to take off work from March through June
2002. Given this fortuitous opportunity, Mark will be able to devote
considerable effort to the critical time of transition in the Barony. A
published author, Mark holds a degree in English literature with a
concentration on 16th century poetry with minors in French and music
theory. He loves bardic. He loves to fight. He loves Honorable Lady Afan.
   Honorable Lady Afan ferch Elystan has been in the SCA for almost 10
years and very active in both Glaslyn and Elfsea for the last 4 1/2
years. Afan has been awarded the Elfsea Portcullis, a Sable Comet
(Glaslyn), and a Sable Crane. She is a Companion to the Order of the
Star of Merit. She has autocrated both local and kingdom level events in
Elfsea. In the rebirth of Glaslyn, she held the office of Seneschal.
Afan brought this lesson in diplomacy to the office of Central Regional
Seneschal in January 2001. Afan has a working knowledge of Kingdom Law,
Corpora, and the Bylaws of the Society. She has good working
relationships with all of the groups in the Central Region. Afan also
holds the position of Kingdom Calendar Deputy. Mundanely, Gwen Rhine is
a graphic artist and illustrator and a web site developer. She loves the
Arts and Sciences. She loves watching Lord Louis fight. And she loves
Lord Louis.
   We have considered seriously the money and time requirements of this
position. For each concern, we have devleoped a solution to achieve the
ends of the Barony in balance with our personal lives. We shall remain,
as always, honest; faithful to the kingdom, the barony, and the
populace; and, above all, faithful to our word.
   Our goals for Elfsea are the goals of her people, jointly and
severally. We will endeavor to support each individual in his or her own
pursuits. We desire to facilitate cooperation between Elfsea's core and
her stallite groups while respecting the individual character of each
group. We wish to build consensus such that, together, Elfsea may
capture the dream. Specifically, we would like to...
   increase membership
   encourage the arts and sciences and bardic
   increase the visibility of the rapier community
   support each war company
   organize a company of archers
   coordinate the war companies into an effect force, utilizing the
strengths of each company
   and, most importantly, have fun.

   We will be available at Elfsea fighter practices, Baronial College,
Passage of Arms, and various other Elfsea functions. Feel free to
contact us with questions at...

   Home: 940 243-7811 (If it is long distance for you, leave a message
and he will call you back) or
   email: maarnold at gte.net
   Home: metro 817 498-6847
   email: grrhine at swbell.net

Thank you for your consideration,

Honorable Lady Afan ferch Elystan
Lord Louis le Blaireau

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