[Loch-ruadh] A FGH

Bill Osterheim Polydore at worldnet.att.net
Mon Jun 4 14:20:09 PDT 2001

Oh, boy, 3 more!  When the time gets closer, I will be contacting
people to see what times will work best for them.

Any of you guys particularly want to do the evening court?
That is where you will have the most opportunity to make
a mess out of people's names!


"Sluggy!" wrote:

> Bill Osterheim wrote:
> > Anybody else???!
> I can bellow fairly effectively....
> Sluggy!
> ------------------------------

Erik asked me to pass on to you that he would be very willing to herald
you at Lugnasad.  He doesn't currently have email access so he asked me
speak to you for him.


Hmm... I was a drum major for two years in high school... I think I can
still yell loudly, or at least that's what my kids say.  Heh heh heh, me
Medb Liath heralding.  Buwahahahahahaha.  <evil grin>


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