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You're only allowed to run around naked if you first paint yourself with
woad.  Though I doubt many of the menfolk would complain if you omitted that

A good place to start is to find someone who has really nice garb that you
admire, and ask them where they got it.  There are many capable seamstresses
in our barony, our canton even.  If you're going to Kingdom Warlord or some
other large event, there are bound to be merchants selling garb as well.

Other than that, you can try doing a search online under "medieval costumes"
or some such.  There are numerous companies catering to the
medieval/Renaissance/re-enactor/fantasy/gaming crowd that sell everything
from your basic tunic, chemise, and "wench" type outfit to absolutely
glorious, custom-made costumes.

If you can first come up with an idea of what you want, maybe look at some
patterns, order a few catalogues from the various suppliers so you can get a
feel for the cost, then you're on better footing if you do go the
custom-made route.

I am acquainted with a couple, Paul & Priscilla Schmidt, who own Merlyn
Custom Costuming out of their home in Dallas, and have a booth at
Scarborough Faire.  They are good folks, and do very nice, though expensive
work.  Their URL:


Another idea is to attend the next garb workshop.  Polydore and various
others have been tossing around the idea of having one sometime before
Lughnasad.  Stay tuned for details, if and when an editorial decision is


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Does anyone know where I can buy new garb? I mean some really nice stuff for
like court or something. Or even just other peices that I can wear around.
I've been wearing the same outfit for 2 years and quite frankly I'm sick of
it :o) (No one would want me to run around naked, would they?) If I could
get any info.....phone #'s, e-mail addys web sites, mailing addresses that
would be great. Thanks


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