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Read this on the SCA Parents mailing list.  Thought it wasn't a bad idea.
Would be a way to get the kids involved maybe? What do you think?

Amy Townsend
Amicia la Lavendière

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	I thought I would let everyone know how the Kids store worked out
at Grand Outlandish.
	First the kids were great we gave the reigning nobility tokens
that were painted gold and worth more than the others. The kids were going
up to their Majisties and asking if there was anything that they could do.
They were picking up trash, carrying flowers and messages to people
attending classes volunteering for anything and everything.
	We will need more goodies for the store next time. The store was
cleaned out except for a few odds and ends. Many, people and two very
fabulous merchants donated items. Garb, games, perfume, mugs, bowls, even
a pair of hand made boots. Thank-you to all who donated. We will need to
get more things together for the older kids. But they loved it. Many of
the teens Donated their tokens to the younger kids. Parents seemed to love
the fact that their camps were clean, and their kids had stuff and they
did not have to spend any money.

	Any Child/Youth who did not get to spend their tokens at Grand
Outlandish, will be able to use them at Lonely Mountain, if they are
attending. We will have to see where it goes after that.


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