[Loch-ruadh] Irish pigs

Adam Harrison concrete_donkey at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 16 09:37:57 PDT 2001

--- Sluggy! <slugmusk at linuxlegend.com> wrote:
> Cantley_Tim at emc.com wrote:
> > This is what Dunstan's pigs look like after our
> Irish brethren get ahold of
> > them ;)
> (snip)
> > [ mushu.jpg of type image/jpeg deleted ]
> The list doesn't allow binary attachments :/

Aww, I thought that was what they looked like...  a
bunch of letters that look like "mushu"  :-)

....And you know they're vikings cause they're dumb.
They're dumb.  They're really really dumb...

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