[Loch-ruadh] Re: wood?

Rhonda New rbnew at ftw.nrcs.usda.gov
Mon Jun 18 12:31:18 PDT 2001

Bjorn wrote:

> (snipped...) The tree closest to the hay barn would be
> really nice for the trebuchet.  Come to think of it, the
> two
> closest to the house would be good for the treb.  the
> one out on the fence might be also, I didn't get a
> good look at it.

~ the tree is on the ground.  I repeat - the tree is on
ground.  The land owner felled it for you yesterday.  It's
yours and, if you took a few heavy-duty extension
When it fell, it missed the barn but it didn't exactly
fall where
it was supposed to; well, at least we don't have to worry
squashing the barn (~snicker~).

You may want to round up some people and go out there
during the week if you can.  Mr. Lawson says it's OK.
have company on Tuesday night but said we can come-and-go
as we need to.

/Ly Elizabeth

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