[Loch-ruadh] Bad Joke

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Listen you!  As a native of North Dakota,  I grew up eating lutefisk and
lefse and I'm okay.  OH WELL, maybe there is a point to the joke after all!
By the way, Polidore grew up in Minnesota on the same food.  Why wasn't
MN in the joke?


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>   It seems that many centuries ago, many Norwegians went to Ireland to
>the bitterness of the Norwegian winters.
>Ireland was having a famine at the time, and food was scarce. The
>were eating almost all of the fish caught in the area, leaving the Irish
>nothing but potatoes.
>    St Patrick, taking matters into his own hands, like most Irishmen do,
>decided the Norwegians had to go. Secretly, he organized the
>(Irish Republican Army to Rid Ireland of Norwegians.)
>Irish members sabatoged all the ice houses in hope the fish in Norwegian
>warehouses would spoil, forcing the Norwegians to a colder climate where
>fish would keep.
>  The fish spoiled alright , but the Norwegians as everyone knows, thrive
>spoiled fish.
>      Faced with failure, the Irishmen sneaked into Norwegian fish storage
>in the dead of night and sprinkled the rotten fish with lye, hoping to
>the norwegian intruders. But as everyone knows this is how lutefisk was
>introduced to the Norwegians and they thrived on th lye-soaked, smelly
>     Matters became even worse for the Irishmen, when the Norwegians
>taking over the Irish potatoe crop and making lefse.
>  Poor St Patrick was at his wits end, and finally on March 17th when he
>stand it no longer, he told all the Norwegians to go to hell. It worked!!
>All the Norwegians left Ireland, and went to North and South Dakota, where
>are thriving on their smelly fish and lefse!!!!
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