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We will plan on meeting you out there at 4, then.


Remember - the more hands, the quicker the work (and it's fun, too!).

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Yes it's true!  You can be a lumberjack too!  It's
easy, fun, and rewarding!  :-)

The six of us that went out today felled, sawed,
split, and loaded two of the three trees in a matter
of hours.  The third is still standing and it will be
on the ground tomorrow.  We need some help; however,
in that this tree is near structures and will require
trimming before we can fell it.

Soooo, anyone with a strong back who isn't going to be
busy around 4 tomorrow, feel free to come help us.

This won't take very long to do.  With the combined
efforts of 6-10 people, we should be finishing in a
little over an hour and a half, and that's if we stay
and split the logs.

But wait!  There's more!!!

Lady Elizabeth is having an apres-lumberjacking
barbecue at her house.  Bring a side dish and enjoy
barbecue cooked over the very wood we have been
hacking apart.  The barbecue is scheduled for after
the work tomorrow, so the more people we get out
there, the less time we have to spend chopping up
wood, and the sooner we can chow down!

I'll be at Elfsea fighter practice until about 3:30,
everyone is welcome to caravan with me to the site
from there.

plunderer of cellulose void of life

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