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Adam Harrison concrete_donkey at yahoo.com
Mon Jun 25 10:36:01 PDT 2001

Greetings all,

This morning in class I drew up the brackets for the
Lughnasad heavy tourney.  I drew them out to 40
fighters, but I'm almost absolutely sure we won't have
that many(but if we did it would be great!).

Anyway, there are going to be two "winners" of the
tourney.  1 team commander winner and 1 final winner.
The team commander winner will be the fighter with 0
losses at the end of the "up" part of the tourney.
Essentially, the winner of the snowball(or
progressive) melee.

The final winner will be the fighter who wins the last
fight of the cascading "down" side of the tourney.  In
theory, it is possible for the final winner to be
someone who has been knocked out earlier in the
tourney, due to knocked out fighters returning in
later rounds.  If we have 16 or less fighters, every
fighter who is knocked out at the end of the "up" side
of the tourney will return in subsequent rounds of the
"down" side.  If we have more than 16 fighters, some
fighters will not have the chance to return due to
time constraints.

Initial pairings will be determinted randomly, as will
who returns when.

If we have a number of fighters other than 8, 16 or
32, then destructive Bi's will be fought for the odd
fighters to continue.  The destructive Bi's will be
fighters who have been knocked out at certain points
of the tourney.

For anyone who is unfamiliar with what a "destructive
Bi" is, A Bi is an extra fight used to advance
fighters who do not fit into a standard "pairing" to
the next round.  If the odd fighter loses their
destructive bi, they are out of the tourney.  If it is
a standard bi, it is just a fight and the fighter will
advance no matter who wins the Bi fight.

To speed things up a bit, The initial rounds of the
"up" side will be fought simultaneously on two list
fields, until we have too many fighters on the field
at once to safely fight on one small list field.  At
that point(and for the remainder of the tourney) the
two fields will be combined into one large list field.

Anyway, that's about what I have so far.

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