[Loch-ruadh] Need more prayers...

Rhonda New rbnew at ftw.nrcs.usda.gov
Thu Jun 28 09:25:58 PDT 2001

My prayers are certainly with your mom and your family.
I can only tell you from experience that she will feel
wonderful after the stent or angioplasty.  (Well, at least
after the effects of the cath process.)  Be thankful
for the "mild" part... consider it as a call to perform
routine maintenance in order to prevent a major overhaul.

/Ly Elizabeth Hawkwood
(who went through this with hubby... boy, the things he
does to get out of yard work!)

PBW wrote:

> Well, if nothing else we know that the populace of Loch Ruadh has good Karma
> with all the positive thoughts and prayers that LR has been offering lately.
> I need to see if I can get everyone to keep lighting candles and praying and
> thinking good thoughts. I received word yesterday that my Mom (not my mum in
> law Baroness Dana) had a "mild" heartattack tuesday night. She is doing
> well, they are going to do a cardiac cath on her today and possiably place a
> stent or do angioplasty to open up a blocked vessel. My folks live in East
> Texas so we may be going down there this weekend (unless something untoward
> happens then of course we will leave today).
> I do not anticipate this interfering with the 4th populace meeting here at
> our house so that is still a "go".
> MagD'Leigha
> (Whos having a really bad week....)
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