[Loch-ruadh] Prayers answered... again!

PBW pookie2 at airmail.net
Thu Jun 28 16:52:11 PDT 2001

Well, Loch Ruadh has done it again. :)

Mom came through her cardiac cath with flying colors. In fact, seems she
surprised the Docs. They fully expected to have to do the angioplasty/stent
and didn't! According to the cath she has no permanent damage to her heart,
and her coronary vessels are clear enough to not require the
angioplasty/stents. Yippee! :)

The down side is when they were doing the cardiac cath they did find that
Mom (remember, this is my mom, not Baroness Dana who is my mom-in-law) has a
early stage descending aortic aneurysm. Not bad enough to need surgical
intervention (yet), and since they found it this early they feel they can
manage it via medications. So I guess this heart attack was a blessing in
disguise as otherwise we would have never known about the aneurysm until it
was to far gone and required surgery.

Thanks for all the good wishes. Its great to know my SCA family has pull
with the Higher Powers that Be! :)

MagD'Leigha / Pook

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