[Loch-ruadh] POPULACE/4th JULY REVEL

PBW pookie2 at airmail.net
Fri Jun 29 17:11:33 PDT 2001

WHEN: July 4th of course!

TIME: Start gathering about noon,  ends ???(just remember, most if us gotta
go to work the next morning)

WHAT WILL WE DO? fighter practice about 2pm (as long as we have a knights
marshall), fire up the grills about 4pmish, pot luck dinner about 5pmish,
followed by populace meeting. Dark-thirty *conditions permitting* fire up a
firework or two.

WHAT DO I WEAR? Cool comfy clothes. Garb is optional but not required,
clothing is required and not optional.

WHERE: Conall and MagD'Leigha's (Rob and Pook's) place (see below for

WHAT TO BRING? Chair to sit on, table to put stuff on, cooler to keep cold
things cold, swim suit if ya wanna brave the river (no skinny dippin'),
fishin' poles and tackel if ya wanna fish, something to share at the pot
luck dinner, something to eat the pot luck dinner off of and with. Bring yer
voice for singing, a gee-tar fer strummin', a drum fer drummin'... (you get
the idea) You might want to bring some sun screen and bug repelant. We're in
the boonies on the river and the skeeters wanna eat dinner too.

HOW DO I GET THERE? Take I-20 West into Weatherford. Take Exit #408. On the
access road you will come to Hwy 51 (Main St), go through the light and stay
on the access road. You will come to a 4 way stop, this is Tin Top Road, go
past it and stay on the access road. You will come to another 4 way stop
that is FM 1884 (also known as Bethel Rd but you cant see that sign), at
1884 you get to turn left and go under I-20. Take FM 1884 about 6.6 miles.
You will see on the right several signs for
Horseshoe Bend then see the street Horseshoe Bend Road, turn right and go
about 4.4 miles (this road is VERY twisty and hilly, be careful!). You will
come to a 4 way intersection and see the Horseshoe Bend Volunteer Fire Dept
building, this street is Iroquois, turn left and go about 0.6 miles and
take the last street to your right which is Horseshoe Bend Trail (note, the
street sign only
says Horseshoe Bend). Go about 0.4 miles on Horseshoe Bend Trail and we are
on the left-hand side of the road. It's a brown frame house and the house
numbers are on top of the mailbox.

Remember, we are still unsure about the fireworks. Per Horseshoe Bend
Homeowners Association Handbook we're not supposed to fire fireworks.
*HOWEVER*, there are many things that are in the book that have been "gently
overlooked" by the association. As long as someone else is firing them we
have no problem doing them as well; if anyone says anything we can always
play dumb. :)

If you get lost or need further directions give us a call (817) 613-1399

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