[Loch-ruadh] Woodworking Day and Garb Workshop

Sat Jun 30 12:36:50 PDT 2001

Ok, tried this once, and the idea got taken over by the timber felling
group. :)

It has been mentioned that the Woodworkers have a need to have a workshop.
it has been suggested that it could be held on both July 14th and August
4th. While July 14th is the date of the Ansteorran Heraldic and Scribal
Symposium, and I do encourage those who are interested, go to it. We could
still hold the woodworking workshop for those who would rather get projects
done before Lughnasad.

Also it has been requested, that we might need a Garb Making Day as well.
Polydore has graciously said there is some space at his place that could be
used, if needed. But surely someone has some space that could be used for
this purpose so we do not always have to impose on Polydore. :) I'm sure we
all could or want some new garb, so perhaps we might might want to make it
do it over two different days, one day to make a road trip to the fabric
district for the materials and the other ro work on the garb. Any ideas of
when would be good for everyone?

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