[Loch-Ruadh] woo hoo!!

Jane Sitton jane.sitton at radioshack.com
Tue Apr 2 10:10:29 PST 2002

Heh, heh, yeah.  He has a very dry sense of humor, so he should fit in
nicely.  He has always been a good mimic, copying various accents easily.
He's always been a cutup, class clown, etc., and will enjoy being around
people who like to play dress up for a hobby.

For the moment, he hasn't indicated any particular fondness for any period
of history, so we're just going to throw a tunic on him and make him a forge
boy.  I suggested putting a kilt on him (His name is Geoffrey Lindsey, after
all.), but he cracked up laughing at that idea.  With his looks, he could be
Italian, Spanish, Moor, etc. easily.

He's 6'2', 230 lbs., and might be coaxed into armor, I dunno.  He played
football in high school, so isn't scared of sports with lots of violence.

See y'all tomorrow.


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Having someone return home after an extended absence is always great.
(Well, most of the time anyway - I've got relatives that I like better when
they stay away - grin) I look forward to meeting your brother.  You have
warned him about us haven't you?  :)


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