[Loch-Ruadh] History of April 1st

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There is, of course, the story told by the English of the creation:

As God made the world he decided that he would make one place which was
perfect and so he took an area of land and made the soil rich beyond
compare.  And there he caused to grow the most  of succulent fruits and
vegetables and the most abudant variety of game so that it would produce the
most delicious foods known.  And he made the countryside exceedingly
beautiful and the mountains tall and crowned with snow.  He made the region
produce wines of exquisite flavors.  And God look down and smiled for it was
a perfect place.  But as God gazed around and the other lands, he noticed
that it was not fair that this one place should have the best of everything
without blemish or detraction, and so he created the French!

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> The French are not strange, it is the rest of you!!
> Madelina

Any country where the people willing eat snails  is strange. Once upon a
time the only good thing about them was their wine, but now California and
Australia have better vintages than the French.



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