[Loch-Ruadh] New SCAers

Kylan --- kylan__ at hotmail.com
Wed Apr 3 17:49:56 PST 2002

Unto the good people of Elfsea and Loch-Ruadh,

	I thank you for your aid and support; I have always said you can count on
the people of the SCA. You are all very kind and I’m sorry for writing back
so late. First I will try to show up to the meeting. Second they are looking
at getting a tent tonight, though money on their end is very tight. Their
names are Justin and Carol Heart and they are dear friends of mine. I will
see what information I can give to you at the meeting, other wise where is a
quick note on them.

Justin: 6’2” wares a large shirt and I think like a 38 pant somewhere around
210 - 215 pounds.

Carol: 5’and some, a small thing, weighs 120 pounds soaking wet.

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