[Loch-Ruadh] the French vs. the English

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Well, I'm sure the French would tell the same story in reverse of the
English.  The two peoples often have used their neighbor in derogatory
phrases:  French gout (syphilis), the English disease (homosexuality),
French pox (venereal disease in general), le vice Anglais (sado-masochism),
and sometimes there are even trades:  French letters = capotes Anglais

They seem almost like they have a bad case of sibling rivalry to me.

My favorite racist joke is:

If you're good, when you die, the English are the police, the French are the
cooks, and the Germans are the engineers.

If you're bad, the Germans are the police, the English are the cooks, and
the French are the engineers.

Bon chance.


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There is, of course, the story told by the English of the creation:


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