[Loch-Ruadh] Word of the Day, April 4

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Sat Apr 6 05:37:43 PST 2002


One who buys any wares or provisions and sells them again [forestalls] in the same market.
-- James Barclay’s Dictionary of the English Language, 1848

Death of English of Chief Justice Kenyon (1732-1802),
Who presided at many trials for forestalling.  Instructing a jury in the case of a man indicted for purchasing oats and selling them at a profit on the same day, Kenyon evoked the doctrines of economist Adam Smith:  “I wish Dr. Smith had lived to hear the evidence of today.  If he had been told that cattle and corn were brought to market and bought by a man whose purse happened to be longer than his neighbour’s, so the poor man who walks the streets and earns his daily bread by his daily labour could get none but through his hands…. Had it been raised three pence, six pence, nine pence, a shilling … on the same day, would he have said there is no danger from such an offense?”

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