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This month and next months S&I was to be held at Medb's in Sprintown -
although I have not been in contact with this good lady.

We ourselves cannot host tonight due to family matters and I probably will
not be able to attend.  Please accept Thorgeirr's & my apologies for not
being able to step up to it at the moment.  I urge anyone interested to
e-mail or contact Lady Medb before driving out - many things can happen in a
month and plans may have needed to be changed and she unable to broadcast
them in time.

For those interested, Mistress Stella will be giving classes on painting on
real vellum tonight:  Lady Anezka has posted to the Elfsea list:

A series of classes is being taught by Mistress Stella on period
techniques beginning tonight.  For this first class, we will be
preparing vellum.  There is an article in the Scroll this month to give
you some basics regarding this.  Goat vellum may be purchased at the
Leather Factory, or you can buy some from Mistress Stella tonight for a
materials fee of $5.00.  While this class series is going on, there will
be no regular charter painting.  Please continue to paint charters on
your own to support our kingdom.

If you are planning to attend the class tonight, please send me an email
so that I know how much table space I need to have available.  Heralds
will have their space in the living room as usual.  If you need
directions to our house, please email me (anezka at elfsea.net) or call

Congratulations to all who painted charters and did things Scribal & Heraldic
- I've heard a rumor we won the box of books!


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