[Loch-Ruadh] LR Scribes and Illuminators --- Dirrections

Synrik synrik at earthlink.net
Mon Apr 8 12:43:24 PDT 2002

This month's Scribes and Illuminators for the Canton of Loch Ruadh will meet at Medb
Liath's house.

Time:  7:30p

Address is 7333 Hutcheson Hill Road, Springtown TX 76082.

Phone:  817 220 0333, if no answer, then 817 957 1404 is the pager.

>From 820 and 199, take 199 West, through Azle and into Springtown.  Turn south on
Hwy 51.  Right on JE Woody, left on Hutcheson Hill.

>From I 20 West:  Exit 180 West.  Take 51 North at the traffic circle at the court
house.  If you need to stop by a store on the way, take I 20 to 51 North, there are
several stores.    Once you pass the traffic circle, you will travel for about 10
minutes on 51 heading north.  Turn left on Carter Road.  Carter will dead end and the
sign indicates a right turn to stay on Carter.  Once you make the right turn, you
will follow the road until it turns into Hutcheson Hill Road.  (At that point, you
would have to make a left turn to follow Carter.)

Our house is blue, sits about 300 feet from the road, has a Clan Hay tartan mailbox,
a yellow trailer, and three dogs.

Lemonade and hot tea are on the house!

medb liath

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