[Loch-Ruadh] Loch Ruadh Officers Meeting

Jane Sitton jane.sitton at radioshack.com
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Well, I haven't eaten at Cattlemen's in a long time... not since my aunt,
Lady Gemma of Firth, was heard to say when asked how she wanted her steak,
"just trot a cow by, and I'll bite off what I want."  When her steak arrived
(and looked like the muscle was still twitching, if you ask me), I told her,
"I've seen cows hurt worse than that get better."

I hear Saltgrass is nice.  And I once dated a guy who worked at the Oyster
Bar (when it was in the tiny building across from what is now the Modern Art
Museum), so I wouldn't eat there unless I had to, either.

I always thought it was "big wigs," rather than "big whigs," but I guess
many Whigs wore wigs, so they could both be right.  I wonder just how
ancient wigs are, anyway.


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I will be there late....
Unfortunately for me, I have to dine at Cattlemen's in
the Stockyards tonight with a bunch of NRCS' IT 'big whigs'
from Washington, DC. (Last night it was Saltgrass, Monday
night it was the Oyster Bar on Bryant Irvin.)
And, Padraig, I have a check for you.

Lady Elizabeth Hawkwood

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