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Jane Sitton wrote:

> 672 Deusdedit III begins his reign as Catholic Pope
> 678 Donus ends his reign as Catholic Pope
> I wonder, did they rule concurrently from 672 - 678?  Were they East and
> West Popes?

According to http://www.newadvent.org/cathen/12272b.htm, the specifics
are that on April 11th, 672 Deusdedit III began his reign. "After an
interval of 4 months and 17 days", presumably after Deusdedit's death,
Donus ascended on November 2, 676. Donus' reign ended with his death on
April 11, 678.

It is an interesting coincidence that both events happened to occur on
April 11, but there was another important date in between, one we won't
see here until November! :)

As further complication, Deusdedit III is an alternate name for
Adeodatus II, so named because his predecessor St. Deusdedit (reign
615-618) was sometimes called Adeodatus I. I could not find a reference
to any Deusdedit II nor another predecessor Deusdedit. Shrug.



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