[Loch-Ruadh] Passing of the Cloak

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Mon Apr 15 08:32:36 PDT 2002

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Congratulations Your Grace!

Arodonn and I were attending to mundane household matters that couldn't wait and we are very disappointed to have to miss the passing of the cloak.

See you all at Bardic next time!


>>> julie_self at hotmail.com 04/13/02 10:24PM >>>
Greeting and Salutations!

Last night's Wandering Bardic was very well attended and we had a great
time.  There were many competitors for the cloak and each one did a superb
presentation.  Thank all of you for making it a memorable evening!
The new holder of the Cloak of Kragenworth Keep is Her Grace, Duchess Willow
de Wisp!  This fine lady has been a staunch supporter of this Bardic since
it's inception and the judges felt that her presentation was outstanding.
All the presentations were excellent and the judges had a difficult time
making a final decision.  It put me in awe of our (SCA) bards' talents,
since many of the pieces were original.
Those of you who couldn't be here missed a chance to hear bardic performance
at its best.  Again, thanks to all who were here and a special Thank You to
Jen Vie (sp?), the previous holder of the cloak, for being such a fine bard!
The book of Kragenworth Bards has been given to Antigonus and will be passed
to each succeeding bard to enter his/her pieces.  Thank you Padraig for the
lovely illumination and lettering on the title page.

Lord Tarkus Pengriff
Lady Gwenllian Hertewelle

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