[Loch-Ruadh] grave tideing

jason haddock jasonhaddock2 at attbi.com
Fri Apr 19 22:29:41 PDT 2002

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Hello everyone long time no talk to anyone. I hate talking about
personal business on the post but I'm upset and something major in my
life is going on. My grandmother on my mom's side who has had
Alzheimer's for the last few/many years has taken a turn for the worse
today she has hardly woken up all day and her bp is 80/40. they aren't
expecting her to live past the weekend. Just wanted everyone to know
what has happened to me and let them know I'm still here. For anyone who
is curious my grandmothers name is Jessie phyllips and she is in the
mineral wells general hospital. I guess I'm reaching out for some
support cause I'm taking this really hard. Guess I will see everyone
when this is all over. Thankx for listening everyone I love you all.

Thank you

Jason Haddock
jasonhaddock2 at attbi.com


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