[Loch-Ruadh] Tarkus' Bardic

Elizabeth Hawkwood Rbnew5 at netscape.net
Mon Apr 29 22:05:23 PDT 2002

Yeah!  Don the garb and grab the sheet music...

It's THIS Friday night, May 3rd, usual time (which, I am told,
is about 7:30 PM or so) and will last until midnight (or when I
fall asleep, whichever comes first).

This month's Bardic will be held at my home at
         5412 Whitman Ave
         Fort Worth, TX  76133.

Please bring a chair to sit on, your musical instrument(s), song
books, your favorite bardic pieces to share, your beverage,
and food to share for the pot luck.

**As always, SCA rules apply at this event, including the legal
drinking age and the use of illegal substances. Also, children
must be closely supervised at all times - no exceptions. **

/Lady Elizabeth Hawkwood

   Find your best route to SW Loop 820 in Fort Worth.
   Exit Grandbury Rd, go South.  (coming from the west, that's a right
       turn; from the East, it's a left)
   Turn east (left) at the second red-light intersection, south of the
freeway ,
       onto Wedgmont Circle N.
   One block from the light is a stopsign - just past the stop sign, the
       road Ys.  Veer right - our house is the fouth house from the
       stopsign, on the right side of the road.
    Torches will light your way to the back yard.
    There is a shopping center parking lot available should extra parking
       space be needed.

Map Link:

Still lost?  Call my cell phone, (817) 456-8599.

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Fort Worth, TX
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