[Loch-Ruadh] in the wake of the wake....

Jane Sitton jane.sitton at radioshack.com
Tue Apr 30 08:34:32 PDT 2002

Greetings to all who attended the wake.  Those of you who missed it missed a
wonderful time.

After all the washing up was finished (around 3 p.m. Sunday afternoon), the
following items were left behind:

1 ceramic blue bowl
1 wooden handled fork (Raimond's, I think)
1 wooden (round) cheese board with cover (the Baron's, I think)
1 large wooden mug (Polydore thinks it was left at the previous wake)
1 silvertone fillet (Tangwystl's, I think)

Please contact Polydore to arrange retrieving your item(s).  I hope I didn't
forget to list anything.  I'm sure Polydore will remind me if I did.

I had a great time as head kitchen wench and chief bottle washer.  There
were several people who made my job easier, though, and I'd like to thank

Kathy and Terry who were awe inspiring in the amount of work they
accomplished. (sorry, I've forgotten your SCA names... drank too much &
slept since then)
Grainya, who was like a tornado in reverse, cleaning things and putting
things in their place, and always ready with a joke or a smile (sp?)
the lady who helped with the bread (yep, forgot her name too... please speak
up if you know it) and her daughter (who no one could pronounce her name).
The young girl was a dynamo of energy, fetching things from the house twice
as quickly as I could have done.
and most especially, Lord Aradon, who make me and the other servers sit down
to eat.

Thanks also to Sluggy, Sean, and Daniel (the groom), who didn't get offended
when I told them to make sure Dana and Bice' were taken care of.

Thanks to everyone who brought food -- you outdid yourselves.  There was so
much bread left that I just couldn't throw it out.  I carted it home to
Logan, who took it up to Saint Bartholomew's church for the St. Vincent de
Paul society to give out to the needy -- 11 loaves!!  I do have one
suggestion for next year:  less bread, more cheese and desserts.

I'm sure I'm forgetting someone or something, so please forgive me.  I am
still tired, even after sleeping from about 7 p.m. Sunday until 7 a.m.
Monday.  That, and I had enough of the Caroline's Irish Mist (or whatever it
was called, tasted better than Bailey's) that I was almost converted to
being Irish.

Last and not least, thanks to Polydore for the use of his home, and to
Padraig for providing us all the excuse to party.  I for one, had a
marvelous time

Madelina (still a Norman)

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