[Loch-Ruadh] in the wake of the wake....

Jane Sitton jane.sitton at radioshack.com
Tue Apr 30 14:21:08 PDT 2002

You're welcome, Polydore.  At least you didn't call me Janie ;)

You know, the kitchen knives just might be mine... by the time all was said
and done and washed and not put away, your things and my things were so
mixed up together that I couldn't tell what was whose.

By the way, does anyone who stayed semi-sober remember what I challenged
Padraig to do?  I think it was something about a Norman drinking song, but
many errant brain cells were killed off Saturday night.


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Give me another day or so and I might recover, myself!
Many thanks to Jane - she did a marvelous job, and also many thanks to all
those she mentioned. By the time the party gets started, I'm too pooped to
notice much of what is going on!

In addition, thanks to Padraig, Sean, Dunstan, Bjorn, and especially Sluggy
(who came out 4 times ahead of saturday to do preparation work!) for much
preparation work ahead of time.

There is also a blue cooler in the workshop and a drum in the back porch
area Also a little miscl. silverware and a pair of black handled kitchen
I think that is all.

Jane Sitton wrote:

> snip...
> After all the washing up was finished (around 3 p.m. Sunday afternoon),
> following items were left behind:
> 1 ceramic blue bowl
> 1 wooden handled fork (Raimond's, I think)
> 1 wooden (round) cheese board with cover (the Baron's, I think)
> 1 large wooden mug (Polydore thinks it was left at the previous wake)
> 1 silvertone fillet (Tangwystl's, I think)
> Please contact Polydore to arrange retrieving your item(s).  I hope I
> forget to list anything.  I'm sure Polydore will remind me if I did.

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