[Loch-Ruadh] So, how was the Wake?

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And then there are people like me, Gwenllian (Welsh) Brighid (Scottish)
Hertewelle (English).  What the he__ am I supposed to do?  I guess I could
breed the sheep, use them to pull coal cars and then eat them  when they get

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>I would like to know who started this nasty rumor about the Scots, anyway?
>As anyone who reads knows, the Scots did not have sheep until the stinking
>English set about to make the world safe for sheep.  The Scots ate the red
>deer and highland cattle.  The Irish and the Scots get along tolerably
>the Scots and the French have "the auld alliance" against the English.  The
>Spanish have always despised the English.  The Welsh and the Cornish have
>love lost for the English.  Why can't everyone quit picking on the Scots,
>and pick on the English, who deserve it more, for a change?  I say down
>the sheep-loving English!
>Norman in lowland Scotland since 1220!
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>I've not ever noticed that the consumption of Guinness, Irish whiskey,
>Scotch or even the one time I indulged in Bioharzard made me in any way
>regard sheep as anything more than sources of wool and/or meat for roasting
>and stewing.  It would take a lot more than alcohol to make me take up the
>less savory habits of my Scottish cousins (such as eating haggis, and other
>predilictions that shouldn't be mentioned on an open list).  :)
>Sluggy wrote:
> >Padraig O'Maolagain wrote:
> >
> > > though no one had Irish whiskey handy to revive me with, Baron Daniel
> > > saved the day with some of the finest Scotch I have ever tasted.
> >
> >If that Scotch has an effect anything like the general Irish behaviors
> >caused by Guinness, then perhaps we'd better practice some discretion
> >concerning Padraig and some of the more common Scottish... ummm...
> >habits. Sean, keep an eye on that flock of yours...
> >
> >Sluggy!
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