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> What ideas do you have to enrich our barony? How do you plan to
improve upon
> what glorious things we have already achieved?
     The phrase "Life is Good in Elfsea" was coined by our former
Mistress Xene, for a reason. We need continued unity and growth to keep
     One of our first and foremost goals is to make sure our Barony, her
cantons and college, every lord, lady and child who plays in our fair
remain united.  We would work to help quickly heal rifts that may occur
between members. We have so many in talents, skills, human resources,
material goods that we can share to keep our Barony rich. We would
listen to
the suggestions of our populace on how to tap the local area for new
membership, and follow through.
     We would support every project our Barony chooses to take on. We
promise to attend every guild, demo, fighter practice or meeting that
good people of Elfsea host, but at least one of us will try to be there.
will continue to welcome all into our house, whether or not we are
     We look forward to traveling extensively, helping to spread word
fame of
our Barony and her people.
In Service
Lord Daniel and Lady Siobhan
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