[Loch-ruadh] Today in History Feb. 2

Fri Feb 1 19:50:40 PST 2002

1208 James I, "the Conqueror," King of Aragon
1525: Giovanni Pierluigi da Palestrina (possibly 1526) He composed and sang
choral music for Pope Julius

1014: Death of Sweyn, King of Denmark
1451: Death of Murad II, Sultan of the Ottomans
1594: Death of Giovanni Pierluigi de Palestrina, composer

Other events
0962: Coronation of Otto I, King of the Lombards, as Holy Roman Emperor
1032: Conrad II, Holy Roman Emperor, claims the throne of Burgundy
1077: Scheduled date for the Diet to convene at Augsburg, Germany, to settle
the matters relating to Henry IV and Pope Gregory VII.
1160: Fredrick Barbarossa, Holy Roman Emperor, takes Crema, Italy, in a
siege noted for atrocities
1258: Hulagu Khan takes Baghdad
1387: Marguerithe I, Queen of Denmark, named Queen of Norway
1440: Coronation of Fredrick III as Holy Roman Emperor
1494: Columbus begins the practice using Indians as slaves.
1509: The Portuguese, led by Francisco de Almeida, destroyed the Muslim
fleet in the Battle of Diu, establishing Portuguese control of Indian
1536: The Argentine city of Buenos Aires was founded by Pedro de Mendoza of
1556: The world's worst earthquake, in China's Shaanxi, Shansi and Henan
provinces, killed an estimated 830,000 people.
1558: Opening of the Lutheran University of Jena
1571: 8 members of a Jesuit mission in Virginia killed by Indians

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