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Sun Feb 3 23:21:45 PST 2002

This is just a reminder that NEXT Monday, February 11, will be the meeting
for Loch Ruadh for those who wish to paint charters, discuss scroll work or
use the library.  For convenience of our Canton members, this meeting will be
located at my house in the Hulen/Old Grandbury Road area.  Next meeting in
March will be hosted by Lady Medb at her house in the western area of the
Canton.  Hopefully, by alternating sites, we will be able to better serve the
Canton's members who are interested in scribal and illumination work.  We
have been informed that the kingdom is in need of more charters and we will
have some of the new ones for everyone to see and paint.

All are welcome to come paint, research or just chat.  (Or just come see the
new illumination book abd the cool scribal coin I got from An Tir!)

Directions will follow closer to the date.

Contact Lady Mebd or I and we will help you get started if you have an
interest and cannot attend.  Remember NEXT Monday Loch Ruadh will host their
scribal night.  If you cannot attend or need another location, be sure to
check the calendar in the Scarlet Letter or Elfsea Scroll - both Elfsea and
Three Bridges have active, wonderful guilds and meetings.

Hope to see ya'll soon!

Lady Asa Hrafnasdottir

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