[Loch-ruadh] Gulf War XI

Dan Foster fosterd3 at earthlink.net
Mon Feb 4 10:32:48 PST 2002

Greetings to all,

Our list of those going to Gulf War XI is now a total of 19. Kylan is
the last to join Loch Ruadh's camp list. Although we have no room for
additional tent space. Lord Polydor will share his tent with Kylan. If
any one else would like to go to Gulf War XI and camp with us. You must
share tent space with some one who has an allocated tent location. So
please ask around we need more fighters and archers to shoot in the
Royal Rounds and the IKCA for Canton Points.

Also, we will have a full kitchen in our camp. We will cook dinner for
Axemoor Wednesday and we will eat with Axemoor Thursday night
Compliments of The Sea Doggies, (they spun off from Axemoor and are old
friends) from Gulfport, MS. That leaves us with dinner to cook for
Tuesday, Friday, Saturday night. Monday is setup day and everyone is on
their own. I have received many RSVP for nightly dinners and therefore,
I will collect $10.00 from every one camping with Loch Ruadh to cover
the cost of food at the populace meeting February 6th. Some of you have
already paid. And remember donations are always welcome. Vigolf said
Constance may be willing to prepare her Hawaiian Breakfast for those
willing to donate a small fee to cover the cost of food. Constance, if
this is true please count Daniel in. :-) :-)

I talked with Vigolf while at Bardic Friday night. He has agreed to be
the keeper of the Fire. He and his staff will fill the torch containers
every morning and check all the propane canisters. This will allow us to
have light each night. Thank you Vigolf may the Gods smile upon you in
all battles..

In Service to Loch Ruadh,
Lord Daniel O' Ce'ileachair
(know to all as Daniel of Axemoor)

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