[Loch-ruadh] electricity

Jane Sitton jane.sitton at radioshack.com
Wed Feb 6 08:24:37 PST 2002

<snip snip snip>
Non-heating devices like <snip> a lamp,

Don't think for a minute that a lamp is non-heating.  Brighid was playing
with one, unscrewed the fluorescent light bulb, screwed in a black light,
and being confused as to why it didn't shine very brightly, unscrewed the
black light bulb, and put it up against her cheek... twice.  She gave
herself two nickel-sized second degree burns, for which we are now being
investigated by child welfare, charged with physically abusing her.  It's
always something at my house.  I guess I should be glad she didn't burn the
house down.  As she is 9, going on 10, I thought it was okay to let her sit
in a room by herself to watch t.v.  Now I see that just like a 2 year old,
she must be constantly monitored.

<snip> For the long term, I might suggest a solar charger, but they can get
pricey pretty quick.

Logan found a pretty good one at, I think, Harbor Freight Tools, for around
$50.  We were able to run a fan with it.  Looks really, really out of place
at an event, though, and you can't really hide it, as it needs to be in the
sunlight.  But works well.  He can tell you more about it than I can,
though.  Feel free to ask him about it.


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