[Loch-ruadh] OT - Celtic Animal Birthsigns

Baron Rozell ack3 at airmail.net
Wed Feb 6 13:11:41 PST 2002

This one seems to be a little off... or maybe it's just me :)

Here's mine:
Date of Birth: May 13 - June 9

Animal: Bee

Gaelic Name: Beach (Approximate pronunciation: beh-ach.B, E as in gEt, A
as in cAt, CH as in German iCH.)

Ruling Planet: Vulcan

Key Words: Organization, Community, Analytical.

Gift Quality or Ability: Bee people are very charismatic and full of new
ideas. Lively, spontaneity and the ability to communicate on every
level. Influential, very social. Fertility and creativity.

Birth Stone: Topaz

Compatibility: Harmonious relations with the signs of crane and swan.
Will also relate well to the signs of bear, cat, and owl. Difficulties
may be expected in relation to all other signs.


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