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To All Good Gentles:

I wish bring to the attention of the populace an act of grace and generosity
which exhibits all that is good and true in this, the current Middle Ages.  A
woman who has been many things in and for our Barony and who, with her lord,
was chosen by the opinion of its populace to lead.  A woman who has taken the
cloak of resposibilities of the barony and born it through hardship and
happines, through child bearing and new motherhood.  A woman who has lead by
grace and by example.

To all, I proclaim that in a selfless act of kindness, she has exemplified
grace.  To all, I wish to let it be known that, while acknowledging this
humble artisan in court, Baroness Allessandra Beatrice Desiderio, she did
hand unto me a Sable Thistle for the art of bone carving, which with comes a
scroll and a badge of honor.  And when this humble servant was gifted with
this badge, I did let the gracious Baroness know that this badge she handed
me, I had crafted.  Joyous was I, for this was a the best of all I had gifted
this fine Barony and for which I was proud to bear and wear as a double
meaning, for this too was made in bone.  Yet, the generous Baroness in her
greatnes, did take from her own person her own Thistle.  A Thistle of great
beauty.  A Thistle crafted by the Master Aethelstan.   A Thistle crafted in
the colors of gold and silver and ringed by eight blue stones.  A Thistle to
be treasured and worthy of a Baroness, not a humble artisan.  And into my
hands did she place this, her Thistle of great beauty proclaiming that she
would wear my Thistle in its place, the bone carved jewel created by this
aspiring artisan.  So that the Baroness Allessandra Beatrice Desiderio did
honor me 7 times.  First honoring me by giving me an award from her hand and
deeming my work worthy to be called to court and acknowledged.  Second, by
placing my own work in my hand as an item deemed worthy to acknowledge the
artisans of this kingdom.  Third, by listening to the joy of this artist when
being told it was my own work.  Fourth, by deciding in the most noble and
gracious manner to honor me further by gifting me with an object made by a
hand other than my own.  Fifth, by choosing to gift me with her own Thistle,
rather than requesting another. Sixth, by gifting me with a preciously
wrought badge worthy of person of station and cunningly wrought by a Master.
And finally, by choosing to honor this humble artist in the greatest manner,
by placing my own handwork around her neck and deeming it worthy to be worn
by a noble, gracious lady.

So unto the populace do I, Lady Asa Hrafnasdottir, do wish to proclaim that
Baroness Allessandra Beatrice Desiderio, Lady of Loch Ruadh, is a generous
woman, of courtly grace and beauty, of noble bearing, a mother and a Lady.
Do I Lady Asa Hrafnasdottir, a humble artist of the Kingdom, wish to proclaim
of this Baroness a Lady of great heart and kindness, a fellow member who has
also born a Thistle, this symbol of accomplishment.  I wish to thank her from
the bottom of my heart for a gift so unexpected and precious.  I am not
worthy of such a gifting, but hope to become worthy and will strive to do my
best.  And from this day forward, for all who see my badge and ask, I shall
tell them this tale of honor and of the kind and gracious lady who gave it to

Vivat Baroness Allessandra Beatrice Desiderio
Vivat Lady of Loch Ruadh
Vivat Elfsea

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