[Loch-ruadh] Elfsea Polling Procedures

Bill Osterheim Polydore at worldnet.att.net
Mon Feb 11 16:22:11 PST 2002

Having spoken about this with Mistress Claeissa, Kingdom Seneschal,
it will be necessary to destroy the votes we collected at out Populace
meeting, as:

voting for one couple is -not- the same as putting down the candidate(s)
you can support.  We do need to contact everybody and make sure
they are aware of this, especially everybody the placed a vote during

For those who can, I encourage you to attend Elfsea's Moot and
vote in person. As a fair number of people are not on this list, we
need to get a mailing going in the next couple of days with this
information. Time is short!!!

Polydore Pike, Seneschal Loch Ruadh

kingdom seneschal wrote:

> Greetings to the Wonderful Barony of Elfsea and its Cantons and College!
> >From Clarissa di Firenze, Kingdom Seneschal:
> Their Royal Majesties Aaron and Britta have chosen the following
> procedure for conducting the polling for Baron and Baroness of Elfsea at
> the Baronial meeting on the evening of Feb.25.  Please foward this
> information to whomever may need to see it.
> 1. Anyone can participate in the polling. The polls will be colored to
> distinguish between SCA members and SCA non-members and those living
> within the Barony's boundaries (which include all its cantons & colleges)
> and those living outside the boundaries.
> 2. Folks will write down the candidate couples they can support.
> 3. Each candidate couple will have 2 minutes to speak about their plans
> at the Baronial meeting on February 25.
> 4. From the polling results, Their Royal Majesties will take the top 4
> candidate couples and determine whom they will choose as the next Baron
> and Baroness.
> 5. For those who cannot attend the polling, they may do 1 of the
> following:
>    a. send their choices in a sealed envelope to the meeting with their
> membership information (name and member number (if a member)) and address
> on the outside of the envelope.
>    b. snail mail their choices in a letter that also contains their
> membership information (name and member number (if a member)) and address
> to the Kingdom Seneschal. This letter must be received by the Kingdom
> Seneschal by March 1st (or can be hand delivered at Red Tape on Saturday,
> March 2nd).
> Yours in Service,
> Clarissa
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