[Loch-ruadh] Fw: find your medieval occupation

Jane Sitton jane.sitton at radioshack.com
Wed Feb 13 08:26:38 PST 2002

I thought it took longer than that to soak in, but maybe with a bit of elbow
grease and some soap and water, it'll come out in no time!!

wondering why her fellow Normans wanted to conquer the Saxons if they all
smell so bad....

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Sluggy wrote:

> Prohero wrote:
> > I'm a Shepherd!  I guess a swine herd is close enough, only don't stand
> > wind.
> Good advice for a Saxon to give to his herd of swine....
> Love ya, man!
> Sluggy!

HEY, that took a minute to soak in!

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