[Loch-Ruadh] Elfsea Baronial Candidates

seneschal seneschal at ansteorra.org
Wed Feb 13 08:17:37 PST 2002

The following couples have submitted their names as candidates for the
Baron and Baroness of Elfsea to Their Royal Majesties Aaron and Britta.
Please make sure everyone participating in the polling sees this
information. Thanks!

Darius and Rosalie
Ramone and Stella
Fhergus and Arabella
Louis and Afan
Tomas and Rexanne
Daniel and Siobhan
Timothy and Anezka
Pyro and Caelin

Mistress Clarissa di Firenze, Baroness of the Court
(Dottie Elliott)
Kingdom Seneschal of Ansteorra
Barony of Bryn Gwlad
clarissa at supportyou.com

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