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>Please send your submission(s) for the Scarlet Letter.  Press Time is

Asa, feel free to edit as you see fit.


 From the Hospitaler

Just a note to remind you that in conjunction with the A & S office, Lord
Domhnall, we are holding a garb workshop on Saturday, February 23rd.
Lady Elizabeth has been gracious enough to offer her spacious rooms for
this endeavor.  The address is 5421 Whitman Ave., Fort Worth, 76133.
When we were discussing the time for this to start, her request was that
it be after coffee!  So I am going out on a limb and suggest that we not
arrive before 9:30 am, giving her (and me) time to have a cup before we

If you are an old hand at this, then you know about fabric prep and all
that is required.  If you are new, you should have fabric that has been
washed in hot water and dried in a hot drier.  Trim included.  This prevents
unfortunate shrinkage later after you have sewn it to fit.  If you need any
help with fabric before you rush out and buy it, call me and we can
discuss all the particulars and where the best sales are.  My number is

Even if you do not have garb you want to work on, you can still come and
work on tabards or baldrics with us.  Or as some people say, just keep the
conversation flowing.

Lady Bicé di Pietro

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