[Loch-Ruadh] Today in History Feb. 15

Thu Feb 14 20:47:04 PST 2002

0037 Claudius Drusus Germanicus Caesar Nero emperor of Rome (54-68)
1368 Sigismund Nürnberg Germany, Holy Roman emperor (1410-37)
1483 Babur founder of Mughal dynasty in India (1526-30
1497 Philipp Melanchthon Germany, Protestant reformer
1519 Pedro Menéndez de Aviles explored Florida - founded St Augustine FL
1524 Charles de Guise archbishop/cardinal of Reims
1557 Alfonso Fontanelli composer
1564 Galileo Galilei Pisa, Italy, astronomer/physicist
1571 Michael Praetorius Kreuzberg Germany, music theorist/composer (Syntagma

1043 Gisela wife of Roman Catholic-German emperor Conrad II the Salier, dies
at 52
1145 Lucius II [Gherardo Caccianemici], Italian Pope (1144-45), dies
1152 Konrad III Roman-German King (1138-1152), dies at about 58
1503 Henry Deane Archbishop of Canterbury (1501-03), dies
1568 Hendrik van Brederode Dutch noble (Compromise of Nobles), dies at 36
1580 Cunerus Petri Dutch theologist/bishop of Leeuwarden, dies
1597 Pieter J Kies Dutch mayor of Haarlem (1572-73), dies at about 66
1600 José the Acosta Spanish missionary (Peru), dies at 59

Other events
0399 Philosopher Socrates sentenced to death
0732 Ho-tse Shen-hui, Zen teacher disputes founder of Northern Ch'an line
1145 Bernardo elected Pope Eugene III
1313 Peace of Angleur
1386 Duke Philip the Stout forms Council of Flanders
1539 Emperor Charles receives Cardinal Pole in Toledo
1552 Dutch coast hit by heavy storm
1563 Russian troops occupy Polotsk Lithuania

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